Shanti & Co. specializes in systems strategy, implementation, and support for multi-passionate entrepreneurs. With a focus on process improvement, our goal is to assess and uncover any gaps in your current processes in order to improve them and create business systems that work for you.

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+ You need an expert to assess your processes to ensure that you're providing your clients with a cohesive experience.

+ You need assistance with mapping out your project capacity so that you're not overwhelmed and burned out.

+ You want to establish best practices and boundaries within your business so that you can show up as your best self daily.

+ You're ready to add automation in your business, but need clarity on what to automate and how.

Systems Intensive

Our 90-minute Systems Intensive is designed for you to receive one-time support from a Systems Pro so that you can walk away with tangible results that will help you feel confident about how you show up in your business.

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Client Management Strategy+ Tech Setup

When it comes to streamlining and managing your clients' experience, our done-for-you Strategy & Tech Setup services for Dubsado and HoneyBook are your go-to solutions. We'll sprinkle some magic behind the scenes while you relax, infusing your branding and messaging throughout your CRM platform of choice to give your clients a lasting impression.

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+ You find yourself missing important emails or client project due dates because your backend systems look a mess.

+ You're spending too much time on redundant tasks that can be automated, but you're not sure where to start.

+ You're a highly sought-after expert, but need more structure in your business so that you're aware when you reach your max capacity.

+ Your processes could use some improvement so that you can operate at maximum efficiency, but you need a second pair of eyes to assess them.

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+ You’ve gone the DIY route and feel that your forms could use a little pop of magic.

+ You’d love to have cohesive branding across all platforms in order to make your client’s experience enjoyable.

+ You know that Dubsado is capable of creating a customized experience and you’re ready to give your forms the makeover they deserve!

+ You’re not sure on whether to choose a code-free or custom-coded design, don’t worry either will give your clients the instant WOW factor.

Dubsado Form Design

Our custom form design service is designed to give your forms the makeover they deserve. With a cohesive look and feel, you'll give your client experience the WOW factor it's been looking for.

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Systems + Operations

Our support services are designed for your short-term projects to help update and manage your processes and workflows so that you can focus on growing and scaling your business with ease. 

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+ You need help maintaining your processes to ensure that they are efficient and aligned with your big picture goals.

+ You're ready to step into your CEO role and need help with the creation of SOPs so that you can start growing your team.

+ You need support to manage project deliverables on a short-term basis.

Note: We offer a limited number of retainer openings per quarter, please feel free to inquire by clicking the link below.

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